Berwyn Arms

Berwyn Arms

This is one of the main CADAC beats and offers anglers a massive variety of fishing. Members with the relevant permits can fish for Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling.

This is a popular beat with fly fishermen, bait and spinner fishermen and consists of slow and fast water, riffles and glides.

Both parking and access is excellent and there are huts and benches along the whole of the beat. Recent arrangements have resulted in riverside parking spaces in two places on this highly productive beat. This stretch of water is also the home of the famous and productive Tailor's Pool.

Night fishing for Sea Trout is allowed until 3am

Berwyn Arms Map (100.3 KB)

Rules for Tailor's Pool

Due to the popularity of this pool we have applied specific rules for the area known as Tailor's Pool. They are as follows: -

4 anglers only on the pool at any time, 2 hours limit no return within 4 hours.

Anglers must sign in at the hut before fishing, there is no walking time allowance.

Please ensure gate between Berwyn hut and Taylor's hut is closed as livestock may be in the field.

Upper Limit of Tailor's Pool - these are defined by white posts as shown in the photos below

Access and Parking - Top of Beat

Access off the A5 for top of beat to and including Signal Pool - After going through first gate and following track you will arrive at the railway crossing. For safety reasons please open both gates before driving across tracks (checking it is safe to do so) and through car park gate then close both gates.

Lower Limit of Tailor's Pool - these are defined by white posts as shown in the photos below

Access and Parking - Bottom of Beat

Access off A5 for the bottom of the beat below Signal Pool to and including Bridge Pool - Proceed down the hill, cross the railway crossing by the station and enter the field via the second gate on the left. This gate has a combination lock and members are issued the combination when they join. Enter the field and please ensure that you lock the gate prior to parking.

The parking area is on the grass under the tree shown in the photos below. Please note that no more than 3 cars are allowed to park at one time in this area.

In the event that there are no spaces in the field, proceed over the river bridge, turn left proceed up the hill for a few yards and park on the pull-in on the right. Access to the left hand bank is immediately opposite this parking area.

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